Personal Portfolio


Over the years George has worked in order to provide high added-value services to his clients. Below indicative examples of his achievements may be fount :


Business Advice Services

Supporting an innovative technology oriented firm

Challenge : A start-up company was interested in licensing the innovative technology which had developed to a larger partner.

Action Plan : Initially an audit was conducted to the firm and an action plan was set up. Based on that an analysis was undertaken so as to estimate the value of the technology that the company had developed. At the end preparation was made in order to identify the terms and conditions under which the technology could be provided to the lessee.

Finding the way to export

Challenge :A small SME was interested in promoting its products internationally.

Action Plan :In order to support it firstly a market analysis was conducted which aimed to identify the key characteristics of the targeted sector. Later an examination was made so as to guide the company adopt the proper standards which would allow it to export in specific countries. Finally in the framework of the promotion activities which had been planned a mission was organized to a big international fair.

Financial tools for the establishment of international collaboration

Challenge :A university research group from Greece was interested in finding a platform so as to enhance its collaboration with a laboratory from an other country.

Action Plan:A funding scheme was proposed to it in order to implement a collaborative project with them. At the end the research group received the grand and a visit was organized to the premises of the foreign university. With the opportunity of that trip several extra meetings were scheduled as well.


Industry Reports

Identifying the technology trends of the future

A group of experts was co-ordinated in order to produce an extensive set of industry reports.

Showcasing the key characteristics of the industry

An industry analysis report was written for an international journal which was interested in exploring the opportunities regarding a very specific sector in Greece.

Establishing a radar mechanism for the identification of funding schemes

Multiple articles have been written regarding funding opportunities for SMEs active in agrofood sector



Participation in big international fairs

Large B2B networking events have been organized in parallel with big international fairs.

Independent trade missions abroad

Delegations of companies from Greece were supported in order to visit in an organized way perspective partners abroad and establish transnational collaboration.

Organization of local international events

International B2B networking events were organized in Greece engaging participants from different countries



Providing training to consultants

Trainings have been organized in Greece as well as other countries on issues related to EU-Funding and proposal writing.

Supporting academia to commercialize its research results

Workshops have been organized to universities on topics such as exploitation of research results, Spin-Offs and IPR

Providing expertise for exports

Seminars for Greek SMEs have been organized presenting opportunities related to international collaboration


Information and Communication Technology

Developing business intelligence information systems

Electronic applications have been developed aiming to support certain business functions

Tailoring on-line identities

Websites have been created and on-line advertising campaigns have been implemented.

Ensuring proper function

The linux network of a big institution was monitored and maintained during the past